What are the advantages of 911HEAD?

 These include: small footprint; C-Spine safe; form fitting; and multiple functional layers. Other operational advantages are: no refrigeration required, treat in the middle of an Iraqi desert; one size fits all; rapid activation and deployment, 25 seconds (see video on web site), gets to 1 deg C in 10 seconds; last 1-4 hours in emergency mode; and has mass casualty and forward operating capabilities

What conditions can technology treat?

911HEAD will be tested to determine safety and effectiveness for direct and indirect brain injury.

Direct Brain Injuries include; Concussion, mTBI, & TBI.

Indirect Brain Injuries; Cerebral Hypoxia (Cardiac Arrest, Stroke, & severe Hemorrhage)



Is there IP?

U.S. Patent 9,770,061


other Patents Pending